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I do not understand why America thinks it can indicate other residents of the country who should be their president? America, as always, he believes that they are the masters of the world?

Because the Syrian opposition claims that Assad does not support Syrian citizens? But the opposition is always and in all countries, it says. Explain to me how a man, who does not support its own population, can four years to wage war with those who supposedly supports this population? It is exclusively American stupidity !!!

And if the Americans are so confident that Assad does not like people, then why not just help to hold fair elections in Syria president? Because then people will choose the person who they like. I think America does not want it because it is well aware that the Syrian citizens elect their president Bashar Assad !! But America does not like, when something goes wrong, how it is beneficial !!

Although, to be honest, after the events in Ferguson, after the anti-Russian hysteria Obama, I can say:

Obama Must Go! Merkel has to go! Hollande must go!

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