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Europe long and hard to support Ukraine accused Russia of all sins and turned a blind eye to Nazism took root in Ukraine. For Europe, it was mainly that these Nazis were shouting anti-Russian slogans on the Maidan. During that Europe was ready to forgive them all, including the genocide of the population in the Donetsk and Lugansk.
And Europe is the result. These Nazis in Ukraine decided to make a fire in the Carpathians (in Mukachevo), on the border with the EU. Shot and killed civilians and police officers. Several police cars were blown up by a grenade.
Hungary has strengthened the protection of the border with Ukraine. People who only yesterday were called heroes, now called terrorists and agents of Putin. But these terrorists have escaped from the police and go to Kiev. Around Kiev organized roadblocks terrorists. Army units terrorists derive from the Donbass and sent to Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. By the way, the terrorists called the official agents of the power of Putin. Ie Ukrainian version of Putin's agents fighting agents Putin. In general, probably, for the people of Ukraine, Putin became a god. After all, if something happens, just say about Putin.
In short, Europe got what he deserved. Europe itself punished for his stupidity and Russophobia. Sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.

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