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As soon as the Crimea held a referendum and returned to Russia, as the US and Europe remembered the long forgotten such a thing as international law. For example, about the Helsinki Accords of 1975. However, I would like to recall the main points of the agreements:
  • strengthening political and territorial results of the Second World War,
  • account of the principles of mutual relations between participating States, including the principle of the inviolability of borders;
  • territorial integrity of states;
  • non-interference in the internal affairs of foreign states;
So why neither the US nor Europe is not remembered about international law when:
  • Was destroyed by the Soviet Union (March 17, 1991, the year the Soviet Union held a referendum. 77.85% of the population were in favor of preserving the Soviet Union)
  • Yugoslavia was destroyed
  • There was the unification of Germany
  • Czechoslovakia split into two countries
I am ready to answer the US and Europe have a selective memory. Because the United States and Europe for a long time infected with duplicity and falsehood.
If Europe and the US so keen to comply with the Helsinki Accords, I suggest to invalidate the collapse of the Soviet Union, the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the division of Czechoslovakia and the unification of Germany. Then the Crimea will be a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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