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  1. Russian want to take over the world, because they are very aggressive and want to again become an empire. At best, the Russian is ready to share the world equally between Russia and China.
    Russian people have enough of their concerns, much more important than capturing the world. By the way, this also applies to the Chinese. I note that more often attacked Russia than Russia attacked other countries.
    To be honest, Europe flatter yourself, believing that Russia wants to attack Europe. Russia does not need to subjugate Europe. All the contrary, it needs Russia for Europe. It is well known Napoleon and Hitler. Later, they learned that Russia no one is attacking, but to defend themselves to the last drop of blood. They learned that the Russian did not compromise with the enemy, and fighting until the enemy is defeated.
    By the way, before the victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945 years), the Soviet Union was not a superpower. The Soviet Union was trying to develop just to feed its citizens and improve their living conditions. And attributed to the Soviet Union's imperial ambitions - a rather primitive propaganda.
  2. The political system in Russia is reminiscent of the Stalin era. The Russian gulags and full of political prisoners. Putin - a tyrant and a secret millionaire.
    In Russia there are no gulags, no political prisoners. On Russian television and in newspapers the opposition make such claims that in Europe and in the United States for saying they would be filed in court and demanded compensation. Another issue is that this opposition the majority of Russians do not take seriously. However, no arrests opposition.
    Putin is quite liberal leader, absolutely do not infringe upon the rights of Russians. I think it confused with tyranny line to fulfill their promise and ability to defend the interests of their country (how it differs from the leaders of Europe and America).
    I often hear stories about "Putin's millions of dollars in foreign banks." Moreover, it is said to Russian opposition, which, according to the foreigners, located in the Gulag (probably in the Russian gulag prisoners occasionally have the opportunity to appear on television). Strangely, no one can point to any banks or account numbers. Of course, you say that this data is protected by bank secrecy. Totally agree with you. But then, where the opposition has the "information"? Or is the secret of banking secrecy is not for everyone? Yes, and how Putin could get those attributed to him millions? The opposition replied that at the beginning of the 2000s, the oil price was high, and the development of Rosii invested little. Allegedly, all the profits came to the bank account of Putin. But they completely forget that the money goes to the reserve fund of Russia (data about its size are open and continually published). And most of the profits went to the repayment of a giant debt to other countries that have managed to create Yeltsin and Gorbachev (remember that Russia alone has assumed all obligations for the debts of the USSR).
  3. Russia - this is the coldest place on earth. There's always cold and snow.
    The average temperature in Moscow in February - -9,8 ° C. The average temperature in July - + 19,2 ° C.
    The average temperature in February in Novosibirsk - -14,8 ° C, and in July - + 19,4 ° C.
  4. People in Russia do not like to work.
    A common misconception. It is connected, first of all, with a special style of work in Russia. Russian can many times be distracted during the working day, however, if the Russian something did not have time to finish, he is willing to stay at work until late at night.
  5. In Russia, everything is constantly drinking vodka.
    I must say: I personally do not drink vodka at all. And I know many people who do not drink at all. According to the World Health Organization in Russia was 2005, the year in fifth place, and in 2010 - fourth place in the consumption of alcohol.
    By the way, I do not drink vodka, but at home I have one bottle is half empty. Try to guess why? Perhaps you think to entertain guests. No, it is not. It is difficult to explain this to the people of Europe, but a lot of vodka in Russia are buying for technical and medical purposes. And these statistics it is believed that this vodka drink. As well as vodka, which bought "alcoholic tourists" for example, from Finland.
  6. In Russia live rough and rude people.
    Most foreigners mistaken for rudeness elementary ignorance of the English language ordinary people of Russia. Indeed, English is not very popular among those who are not related to the "elite". He simply does not need them. Russian language is much more interesting and informative.
  7. Russian poorly educated.
    Fortunately, education in Russia remains a higher level than in the US and Europe (although since the Soviet Union, unfortunately, is worse). And Russia still remains a country where a lot of reading books, both artistic and scientific. Many people discharged scientific journals to learn about new discoveries and technologies.
    I had to deal with foreigners who have a good education (by the standards of their respective countries). I must admit that in their field, they are usually professionals. However, it should be distracted by issues outside the scope of its jurisdiction, as I realized that his limited knowledge of a very narrow range of issues. Russian has a much wider range of interests.
  8. Russian unscrupulous
    Just exactly in Russia people even in ancient times we went to the bathhouse.
    It can not be said about "civilized Europe". Medieval Europe, smelled of sewage and stench of rotting bodies. Slops poured into the street from the windows. City does not look like clean halls of Hollywood, starring films based on the novels of Dumas.
    Swiss Patrick Süskind, known meticulous reproduction of the details of everyday life described his era, terrified stench late medieval European cities:
    "The streets stank of shit, backyard smelled of urine, the stairwells stank of rotting wood and rat droppings, food - spoiled coal and mutton fat; unventilated room stank of stale dust, the bedrooms - greasy sheets, damp spring mattresses and pungent sweet smell of chamber pots.
    From the fireplace smelled of sulfur, of leather workshops caustic stink, stank of slaughterhouses clot.
    People stank of sweat and unwashed clothes, his mouth stank of rotting teeth, from their bellies - onion soup, and the bodies when they were no longer young enough, old cheese, and sour milk, and oncological diseases.
    River stank, stank area stank church stank under bridges and in the palaces. The peasant stank as a priest, a disciple of the artisan - the wife of the master, all the aristocracy stank, even the king smelled like a wild animal, and the queen like an old goat, summer and winter. "
    Spain's Queen Isabella of Castile (the end of the XV century.) Acknowledged that a lifetime washed only twice - at birth and wedding day.
    Louis XIV also bathed only twice in my life - and that on the advice of doctors. Wash led the monarch to such horror that he had sworn never ever take water treatments. Russian ambassadors at the court of Louis XIV (Sun King) wrote that Their Majesties' stinks like unto a wild beast. "
    Most aristocrats were rescued from the mud by a scented cloth, which they rubbed body. Armpits and groin recommended to wet the rosewater. Men wore a shirt and vest between bags of aromatic herbs. Ladies used only aromatic powder.
  9. Russian women dream to marry a foreigner and leave Russia.
    Also very common misconception. Indeed, this mode (it is the fashion!) Was in the 90s, however, it has long disappeared. Russian girls prefer the Russian men. Although, I know a woman who married a foreigner ... and they continue to live in Russia!
    Russian ladies are often associated with foreigners with greed and idleness: all worries beauty happy to give her husband, a foreigner, and free time to devote to their appearance.
    However, in the light of the opinion of foreigners statistics about our beautiful ladies it seems unfair: in fact Russian women differ in intelligence, acumen and business skills. According to the study Grant Thornton International, conducted in 36 countries, Russia ranks second in the number of private companies run by women. In addition, Russia - one of the leaders in the growth of women in business leadership.

I really would like to see the people of Europe understand that the Russian has its own culture. The fact that they do not understand it, does not mean that it does not exist, or it is bad, bad, dangerous, etc.

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