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  1. Why Poroshenko said that Russia is an occupier, but it has its own factory in Russia (Lipetsk)?
  2. Why Poroshenko said that Russia is an occupier, but requested a discount on the price of natural gas?
  3. Why is a huge number of refugees travel to Russia (which calls Poroshenko occupier)?
  4. Why Russia is consistently delivered humanitarian aid to the Donbas, and Europe only engaged chatter? And if Europe is something and sends to the Ukraine, not medicines and food, and weapons.
  5. Why, after Gazprom offered Ukraine a discount on gas, Ukraine will require an even greater discount?
  6. Why Ukraine refuses to pump gas into underground gas storage facilities, although Gazprom has repeatedly warned that if you do not upload natural gas in gas storage, the winter will be a problem with the supply of natural gas to Europe?
  7. Why Ukrainian officials say that Russia invaded Ukraine, but did not declare war on Russia?
  8. Why the Ukrainian army Poroshenko calls one of the best armies in Europe, but is afraid to fight with this Russian army (not invented by the Russian army as at present)?
  9. Do you believe that the Ukrainian authorities, when they say that the home and school fires are not the Ukrainian army? Do you believe that the Ukrainian authorities, when they say that the militias themselves shelling their homes and schools, to discredit Ukraine? Are you ready to kill his child to blame it on someone else?
  10. Why in the Crimea all military units (except one) on their own defected to the Russian?
  11. Why Vladimir Putin (in the opinion of Ukraine - occupier) proposed a peace plan for Ukraine?
  12. Why Vladimir Putin asked the authorities not to carry out Donetsk referendum on independence?
  13. Why Merkel and Hollande have ignored the fact that their conversations listened to American intelligence?
  14. Why Obama said that after the problems with Iran, missile defense in Europe will not be needed, and when the problem is solved with Iran, Obama back on his word?
  15. Why America stated that "Boeing" Donetsk militiamen shot down a few hours after the disaster? No investigation has not even started.
  16. The US claims that at this point there was no Ukrainian complexes "Buk". However, the day before the crash (16 July 2014) on Ukrainian television was a report, which came Poroshenko to the soldiers who serve in the complexes "Buk" in the area. Do you believe the United States?
    http://tvzvezda.ru/news/vstrane_i_mire/content/201407281016-v8zo.htm  (video)
  17. Why air traffic controllers on that day changed the route flight MH17?
  18. Assume that the complex "Buk", which was shot down MH17, belonged to Russia, and was in the city Snowy (as the US). Why Russia has Kompeks there, given that the plane had to fly a different route?
  19. Why do half an hour before the destruction of MH-17 Ukrainian newspapers and television reported that the rebels (militia), allegedly has weapons that allow you to destroy aircraft at high altitude? Is it a coincidence? Although most experts believe that the rebels captured complexes are broken, moreover, have no militia specialists able to use these facilities.
  20. Why would the rebels, or the Russian military (if they were there) to shoot down civilian aircraft? After all, everybody understands that Europe and America are willing to admit that white - it's black, and the earth is flat, if such statements harm Russia.
  21. Why Ukraine scramble negotiations of air traffic controllers (although had to give these negotiations investigators)?
  22. Why does an air traffic controller (Ukrainian) quit her job a few days after the disaster, and disappeared without a trace?
  23. You've seen on television as the Russian military driven launcher complex "Buk" in Donetsk (the fake like to show Ukrainian and some European channels)? Have you ever seen transporting radar "Kupol" and control point? No, I have not seen. And this is a mistake of American propagandists. The fact that the launcher without radar "Kupol" may destroy aircraft at an altitude of less than 6,000 meters. Remember, the altitude was knocked MH17?
  24. Why did the investigation did not take into account the testimony of Eugene Agapov (citizen of Ukraine, left for Russia out of fear for his life)? Eugene served in the Ukrainian Air Force mechanic. Agapov voluntarily crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border and expressed a desire to cooperate with the Russian investigation. During the interrogation, he said that on the day of the collapse of the liner - 17 July 2014 - in the afternoon on a combat mission flew Su-25 Ukrainian Air Force, piloted by Captain Voloshin. The aircraft returned to the airport with blank ammunition, while the pilot explained to colleagues that "the plane was in a bad time and a bad place." Agapov later learned that on the same day in Ukraine Malaysian airliner crashed.
  25. There are reports that at the time of the territory was to fly the plane of the President of Russia (Vladimir Putin). However, the route was changed, what has not been officially announced. How this information is true, I do not know.
  26. Why Australian portal "News Corp Australia" published "sensational" video, which eventually turned out to videotape BBC (a year ago), but assembled from parts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=20&v=j4zQKUVPfAQ&bpctr=1437461697 
  27. Why Australian portal demonstrates just 4 minutes from the 17?
  28. Why transfer talk very strange words are interpreted militias (the rebels)?
    After a phone conversation with the commander of one of the militias (the rebels) told his colleagues:
    "(commander) said that the "Su"(fighter) shot down a civilian plane.
    And our soldiers shot down "Su" (fighter).
    They (the Ukrainian authorities) decided to make so as to look as if we shot down the plane."
    That is, the "Boeing" brought down with the help of Ukrainian "Su" (fighter). After that, the militia (the rebels) knocked the fighter. What this proves that "Boeing" militia shot down (by the rebels)? It seems to me, on the contrary, it argues that "Boeing" was hit by a Ukrainian army.
  29. Why did the US refuse to provide pictures of the impact area "Boeing" (with reconnaissance satellites)?
  30. Why is the United States require the establishment of the tribunal for "Boeing" if the United Nations in June 2014, adopted resolution 2166 on the subject (no Tribunal it is not provided)? http://www.un.org/ru/documents/ods.asp?m=S/RES/2166(2014)
  31. Why is the United States require the establishment of the tribunal for "Boeing", although this was not precedent? I recall on October 4 of 2001 Ukrainian air defense shot down a Tu-154 (Tel Aviv - Novosibirsk), the Tribunal was not, though Ukrainka refused to admit guilt. July 3, 1988, the year the missile cruiser "Vincennes" US Navy destroyed an Iranian civilian aircraft (Airbus A300B2-203 airline Iran Air). During the missile launch cruiser Vincennes was in Iranian territorial waters. Killed 290 people, including 16 crew members, including 65 passengers were children. The Tribunal has not been carried out. Vice President of the United States in 1988, George HW Bush, in particular, said: «I will never apologize for the United States of America, I don't care what the facts are».
  32. Why China (not interested in investigating the crash) opposed the creation of the tribunal (China demanded to comply with UN Security Council resolution 2166)?
  33. Why Europe needs to save gas transit through Ukraine?
  34. Why do the people of Europe are suffering lies its newspapers and television?

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