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Do you think the residents of Crimea are glad that they are back to Russia? You know, I tell you what? Do not believe their reporters. Do not believe me. Trust yourself. Come to Crimea, and talk personally with people.
I hope you are not afraid? After all, when Europe and the United States imposed sanctions against Russia, they hoped that the Russian will be afraid. Russian are not afraid. Russian laughing sanctions in Europe. Europeans would be ashamed to be afraid of instead of Russian. Are not you afraid? Then come and talk to people.
I would like to invite you and to Donetsk to you personally learned as the Ukrainian army did not shoot at civilians. But I will spare you, because the Ukrainian army can kill you by accident, confusing to civilians. After all, the Ukrainian army is so kind.
However, some people come in Donetsk. For example, recently I spoke Ukrainian journalist who traveled to Donetsk. He wanted to find and photograph the Russian army. When he returned home, he officially admitted that he had seen a lot of volunteers, including from Russia. But the army, he was not seen.

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