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"It was even in the 90s a special program to retrain Russian western scientists. And there was always a special "case": it is the history of Russia, as an example of the wrong story. Oh, and in this example they would have to be retrained, and the attempts of young Scientists say, "let's consider the "case" of England, or the United States ..." - Nooo, it was not accepted.
But it really was a predetermination so ... but it was imposed, of course, the fact that 25 years ago we had a disaster. People have lost what is called "the right way in the darkness of the valley," as Dante. They disappeared former ideals. "
Yuri Petrov, Director of the Institute of Russian History
I must say I am not going to justify the presence of the Gulag. Even without considering all the lies Solzhenitsyn (it is based on it, and most of the "evidence") and other Gozman (Russian liberal opposition, wherein particular aggressiveness of the Soviet past) about the Gulag (precisely because of their actions the term "liberal" has become a term of abuse in Russia. ), it must be admitted that this was a terrible page of history of the USSR.
However, some argue that Solzhenitsyn before his death repented of their lies ... I hope the time will come to repentance and others.
I also do not plan right now to talk about the fact that the same gulags were at about the same time in the United States (CWA - Civil Works Administration and PWA - Public Works Administration). Although I plan to address this issue in one of the next articles.
I do not want to come up with theories about the genocide of Russian Georgians (I want to remind you that Stalin and Beria were just Georgians). I do not want it because they do not want to be like the heads of the Eastern European countries that are now like to rewrite history to fit their needs. And while we were not Russian, Georgians, Armenians. We were united by the Soviet people.
I will not even remind you that in the Gulag died of hunger usually, but not shot by the NKVD.
Now I want to talk about the so-called "sharashka." So they called scientific research institutes and design bureaus, as they say, liberal historians, "a prison". Somehow, in the minds of western people, as well as Russia's "liberal society" concept "sharashka" and closely linked to the Gulag. And, by the way, in vain ...
In these "sharashkas" worked Glushko Korolyov, Myasischev, Polikarpov, Tupolev, Sakharov, Stechkin, and other famous people. I want to note: they work instead of serving their sentences!
At that time he represented the Soviet Union? A country with a huge imperial ambitions? The most powerful intelligence? Not at all. The country at that time was in a very difficult situation, people are often on the verge of survival. And America and Britain have already made plans to destroy the USSR. And the life of the Soviet scientists working on new military equipment was in danger. Put to each of them a soldier with a gun was simply impossible. In addition, it would require additional protection apartments and scientists themselves apart from the intelligence activities of foreign countries.
Another important factor is the low standard of living. The scientists had to be content, and to provide the necessities of life and work. They should not have to starve. After all, they faced a difficult and hard work of defending the country. And do not forget that it is the low level of life opened wide opportunities for bribery of both the scientists and staff of foreign intelligence services. And it was another danger to the state.
I made the mistake the Soviet Union had no right.
And the solution was found which is perhaps questionable, but as shown by the results of the "sharashek" effective. It was the territory, fenced, well-guarded, which uchenyi and engineers to work and live. The scientists were provided with literature, drawing boards, paper. It is now all this sounds ridiculous, but paper and Kuhlmann were needed, and they are at the time of a lot of money.
Yes, it is confusing and unpleasant is the point that to be placed in "sharashka" used invented accusations that denigrates the honor of man, and then the person is released prematurely. But, on the other hand, we can discuss now is the time in which we lived? It is possible that this required time, and maybe it was a serious error of Stalin. Given that the Stalinist repressions were convicted by the Communist Party at the XX Congress of the CPSU, and previously convicted scientists - rehabilitated, the second option is more likely. By the time the country was already strong enough, and the need for "sharashkas" disappeared. They were withdrawn from the authority of security agencies, although there are still many years closed bureaus and research institutes, which are forbidden to go to other people. And it was right.
As a result, "sharashkas" were developed:
  1. Fighter I-2
  2. High-altitude bomber DVB-102
  3. Dive Bomber Pe-2
  4. Bombers TU-2
  5. Supporting aircraft jet engines RD-1, RD-1X3, RD-2 and RD-3
  6. Regimental 75-mm gun model 1943
    and much more.
Who knows what was going on, just try to imagine what people invent something or design force. I must say: it is impossible to invent through force. This is actually an art. And from under the stick can only ship cars, dig, etc.
And revealing fact: many of the repressed, and then rehabilitated and then received awards, held high positions, went to business trips abroad (the same Polikarpov in 1939 to Germany, Glushko 1945-1946 in Germany, Kerber flew to the United States, however, with Khrushchev, etc.). Note: the person offended by the Soviets (and former prisoner may be offended) would try to exploit the situation, and flee to the West. But no one escaped. Even Solzhenitsyn went to Switzerland only in 1974. Although, if we talk about Solzhenitsyn, even he assessed the situation around Russia in 2006 was as follows:

«NATO methodically and persistently developing its military apparatus - the East Europe and the continental coverage of Russia from the South. There is an open material and ideological support for the "color" revolutions, paradoxical and implementation of the North-Atlantic interests in Central Asia. All this leaves no doubt that preparing the complete encirclement of Russia, and then the loss of its sovereignty.»


And this war going on ... not on the battlefield but in the minds, clouded American propaganda ...

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