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Deleted BBC Video Report Reveals Multiple Witnesses Saw Fighter Jets Shoot Down MH17!


The Delegation of Malaysia to the United Nations on Wednesday, July 8, circulated a draft UN Security Council resolution on the establishment of the tribunal in the case of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass.

The text also says that the plane crash in the sky over Ukraine is "a threat to international peace and security" and all States should cooperate fully with the tribunal.

The first initiative to create an international tribunal to investigate the causes of the disaster and the prosecution involved in the collapse of the aircraft made the Dutch authorities.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on the idea of ​​creating an international tribunal to investigate the collapse of Boeing called "premature and illogical."

Now we will try to deal with this issue.

  1. What is a Tribunal? Tribunal - the court is an extraordinary convened on specific issues. As everyone knows, the court is investigating the events. The Court shall decide on the guilt of man or group of people. The Court is doing based on our earlier investigations.
  2. Unfortunately, the results of the investigation at the moment. It seems that no investigation itself.
  3. Usually, the results of the investigation of aviation accidents published in a few weeks. In this case, the year has passed. There are no results except preliminary and controversial reports to the Commission.
  4. Immediately after the accident to the place of the crash leaves a group of experts, which gathers all the pieces of the aircraft, as well as related items. All the pieces are photographed. After that, their unchanged driven into the hangar. In the hangar collected from the wreckage of the plane, like a puzzle.
  5. In this case the experts are not left on the wreck a few months. At this time, the Ukrainian army is actively and deliberately shelled from artillery crash site. Neither Europe nor the United States have demanded from Kiev to stop these attacks is undoubtedly aimed at the destruction of evidence.
  6. When the experts arrived, they would not have taken out the debris completely. Most of the wreckage is still at the crash site. Large pieces of cut to pieces. Experts say that this was done for the convenience of transportation. However, the rules forbid it to do the investigation.
  7. Russia has repeatedly demanded the US provide pictures with a reconnaissance satellite, which at that time (coincidence?) Is located just above the area where the plane crashed. The Americans did not deny the existence of the photos, but refuse to provide them. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2015/06/243134.htm
  8. In the same way the Ukrainian party refuses to provide records of negotiations of air traffic controllers. This fact, in general, is a flagrant violation of the law. However, again, neither Europe nor the United States have no influence on the Ukrainian authorities.
  9. Manufacturer complex "Buk" ("Almaz-Antei") conducted its own investigation of the crash. To investigate the used information from the media. No classified information was not used in the investigation. http://tass.ru/boeing-presentation/kurs-rakety/2023470  http://tass.ru/boeing-presentation/rayon-zapuska/2023531
  10. The United States refused to recognize the results of the independent investigation. At the same time (which is typical for the US) no refutations, or the United States failed to provide settlement. For me as an engineer it is not clear how one can refute the technical calculations simply a political statement. However, we are talking about the United States.
  11. I also want to note that, at least in one aspect of the wine of the Ukrainian side could not be challenged. That Ukraine, breaking all the rules allowed the possibility of a plane crash. For the Ukrainian side is paved route flight over the territory where the war (it is forbidden).
  12. And one more question about the tribunal: "Who are the judges?". In the history there is no precedent when the tribunals would be appointed on particular cases. Usually tribunals held on war crimes, with a mass character. And usually, the Tribunal approved by the winning party. Who will be part of the Tribunal in the case of the investigation of the crash? Given that a great role in this issue played the US (although the US and try to disguise their active participation), I can imagine that the tribunal will consist of representatives of countries with open Russophobic position (Baltic States, Poland, etc.). I see no reason to agree to Russia that the court of a fair and impartial turned into a lynching, the purpose of which is the punishment of Russia for what she wants to lead an independent opinion on the US policy.

From all this I conclude that the attempt to create a tribunal (to the end of the investigation) - an attempt to limit the evidence in the framework of which are present at the investigation at the moment. Because the United States and Ukraine do not want to transfer additional evidence. What for me personally, it proves the guilt of Ukraine. Especially because the precedent has already been. October 4, 2001-year Ukrainian air defense destroyed civilian Tu-154 plane over the Black Sea. The plane was flying from Novosibirsk to Sochi (the Tel-Aviv). 78 people were killed. No one survived. At the conclusion of the Interstate Aviation Committee, the aircraft was shot down by Ukrainian defense by mistake.

President Kuchma on this occasion said: "Look at what is happening around the world, in Europe? We are not the first and not the last, do not make a tragedy out of this. Mistakes happen everywhere, not only of this scale, and much more global scale . "

However, the official Ukrainian authorities still refuse to admit guilt and pay compensation to the families of the victims.

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