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In Russian there is such idiom "stepping on a rake." If you do not understand what that means, then put the rake tines up, go to them and step on the teeth. That's about it now occupied Europe and the US.

In Russian, this idiom means "to make a stupid mistake." And, you can "double step on the same rake" ("do not learn from their mistakes").

US decided to isolate Russia. Imagine: You are sitting in a crowded movie theater. Then you get up and leave the room. Can you say that isolated those who remained in the theater?

For some reason, the United States and Europe believe that Ukraine is very necessary for Russia. And so do the Ukrainian authorities in this absolutely sure. And they are very mistaken. Russia is self-sufficient. And if something is not in Russia, the Russian people could do it.

The whole policy of the United States is based on the theory of Brzezinski, that in order to defeat Russia, it is necessary to embroil Russia with Ukraine. And none of the Western politicians did not understand that Brzezinski - is not an expert on Russia, and the usual political charlatan.

Russia is much more interested in the affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS, than the situation in Ukraine. Russia is involved in the construction of the Nicaragua Canal, which is very annoying America. And Ukraine resembles annoying insects that are constantly trying to sit on the nose, shouting: "I'll really need, but I'm not going with you!".

It's time the US and Europe to start paying for their Russophobic policy. Europe and the United States is pleased that, supposedly, the Russian economy nearly collapsed. And the residents of Russia only laugh at statements of American politicians. I agree, for a short time, it was a slight deterioration in the standard of living, but now everything is back in place. This can be compared with the state of the addict: when he stops taking the drugs, it becomes bad. After some time, health is restored. But if a person is smart, he will no longer be to try drugs. Russia - a clever country. So we can say almost certain: Europe has lost the trust and economic ties with Russia forever. Perhaps a small part of economic relations ever get restored, but trust Europe will never be the Russians. And not only Russians. India has refused to buy from French aircraft "Rafale". And I understand why India did so. No one will buy something from a seller who can get the money, and did not give the goods (as a "Mistral"). And that's just the beginning.

If next winter in Europe will have problems with the supply of natural gas, Europe is not to blame Russia. Europe can only blame the Ukraine and his own folly. Gazprom has repeatedly warned Ukraine that to ensure the uninterrupted supply of natural gas to Europe is necessary to pump gas into underground gas storage facilities. However, Ukraine refused to produce the injection of natural gas.

Ukraine declared Russia the aggressor. Ukraine, however, asked for a discount on the price of natural gas. Gazprom gave a discount, however, Ukraine again dissatisfied. Ukraine wants a huge discount. In general, Ukraine (state) differs arrogance and greed. While in Ukraine, there are many intelligent and decent people. But it has now become a problem of Europe, not Russia.

From Donald Tusk pedigree: his grandfather Joseph Tusk since the beginning of August to the end of October 1944 he served in the reserve units of the SS. And he voluntarily enlisted in the reserve Heinrich Himmler


Europe can only enjoy, as America is pumped out of the European financial resources. Europe wanted to do with Ukraine, but in the end, she was in the position of the victim. Russia can only wish good luck to Europe and go on its own way ... And to blame Europe itself.

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