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In early 2015, the American news portal, "the Business Insider" has made a rating of the most absurd monuments of the Soviet era. It is not clear why the American media suddenly interested in the monuments of the Soviet. However, Americans care about everything except responsibility for their actions. It would be better if they thought about the aesthetic qualities of the Statue of Liberty.
This rating has caused outrage among Russian citizens. The problem is that the list came the sculpture "Rodina - Mother", located in the city of Volgograd. The sculpture depicts the motherland as a woman holding a sword in his hand, and calling on its citizens to fight with the enemies. Dedicated to this sculpture heroism of Soviet soldiers in the Great Patriotic War (Battle of Stalingrad). Later edition has removed the sculpture from the list.
It seems that the Americans have no own heroes, so they have to come up with Superman, Batman, etc. But how to express an open, jealousy and lack of understanding of another feat - unworthy.
Prior to that, there was another precedent. In February 2014, CNN made a list of the ugliest monuments, which entered the monument "Courage", part of the memorial complex "Brest Fortress - Hero". After the scandal television network CNN apologized and removed the material.
In both cases defamatory information was deleted. But the purpose and is to insult loud and then silently apologize.
However, the two cases are quite modest compared to the actions of US vassals in Europe. There's a war with the monuments is not limited to words and insults.
In July of 2014 in Poland, in the town of Limanowa was demolished a monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators. In November 2015, the city of Mielec in the south-east of Poland thanks to dismantle the monument of the Red Army. In May 2016 the city council of the city of Szczecin voted for the demolition of the monument Thanks to one of the central squares. He stands there in 1950. The list is long. Overseas host Polish government is keen to forget the Poles that the Polish soil the remains of more than six hundred thousand Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the country's liberation from Nazi invaders.
A similar situation in the Baltic countries.
At the same time I want to note that it was Germany, which fought the Soviet Union, it belongs to the monument to Soviet soldiers with respect.
Ukraine, trying to show their loyalty to the United States, too, began to fight with the monuments. But a little differently. In Ukraine, they have announced that they reject everything that is connected with the Soviet past. And they began to try to destroy the monuments to Lenin. It looks a little funny, but Ukrainians are losing even fighting with monuments. Monuments destroyed does not always, but often injured themselves people who have tried to destroy the monument. Perhaps these people are poorly taught history, otherwise they would know that it was Lenin created a republic under the name of Ukraine. Prior to that, such a country did not exist. But it is unclear why struggling with the legacy of the Soviet era Ukrainian nationalists try not to destroy factories, museums, homes that were built in the Soviet era.

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