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Remember the Collin Powell tube that he showed at the UN, and in which, allegedly, there were chemical weapons from Iraq?

Chemical weapons in Iraq could not be found. But American bombs killed Iraqi children and women. And not a single scum who gave the order to bomb Iraq did not even apologize.

Now Trump began to interfere with Syria. It is understandable. Syria is the complete failure of America in the Middle East. The US has become accustomed to the fact that any order is executed, not disputed. This is exactly how weak countries come in, such as Germany, Britain and France.

And strong, independent countries do not want to listen to America. So America needs to bomb, kill children and women. America is cowardly and deceitful. America never had a war on its territory. War seems to America a game in which American children and women do not perish. And women and children from other countries are indifferent to them.

Lying in America, too, is not considered a big sin, if this lie allows you to earn money. Among those sins that burden their soul, lies are the minimum sin.

But now America did not even find money for a pack of washing powder and a test tube. They could once again show it at the UN, "proving" the existence of chemical weapons from Syria. Meanwhile, the destruction of chemical weapons was carried out by many countries, including the United States itself. So the US should impose sanctions against all these countries, including themselves.

By the way, Russia completely destroyed its chemical weapons, and America has not yet destroyed. America claims that they have no money for this. Do you believe in this? America spends a lot of money on overthrowing legitimate governments around the world. But he can not find the money to destroy his chemical weapons.

And nobody cares that no idiot will use weapons of mass destruction in the territory that he is trying to liberate. After all, his soldiers will come there later. Quite possibly, the Americans do not understand this.

No one is interested in the fact that the "data" about the chemical attack in the Duma has been obtained from war criminals. After all, these militants are supported by America. At the same time, nobody knows in the Duma itself that, it turns out, they were poisoned. In the hospitals of the city there is not a single person with signs of chemical poisoning.

However, I'm sure that Trump is looking for an excuse NOT to bomb Syria. He realizes that this is too dangerous for the US Army.

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