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Strangely, Europe likes to declare equality and democracy, but nevertheless, the situation in Ukraine Europe appreciates very strange.
  1. Europe has no real pressure on Ukraine in the investigation of events in Odessa in May 2014 the first year. Is Europe considers it appropriate that people were beaten and burned alive in the House of Trade Unions?
  2. Europe does not inform its residents, a huge amount of opposition journalists killed in Ukraine (for example, Oles Buzin). These people have been killed on the streets. The killers have not been found, and is unlikely to ever find them. For lists of people who are "enemies of Ukraine" published officially, and not without the participation of officials. In fact, there are Nazis in Ukraine see the victims, they can kill, and they will not be punished.
  3. Europe is in no hurry to investigate the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing. According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is absolutely all parts of the crashed plane to be collected and taken to a hangar, where they like puzzle collected from the aircraft entirely. However, the Europeans for a long time does not collect debris. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army artillery shelling from this place, so destroying evidence. Then European experts arrived in Donetsk militia helped them collect the wreckage, however, much of the debris has not been collected.
  4. America claims that the alleged plane was destroyed by Russian air defense or defense militia. But the militias are no facilities capable of destroying aircraft at a height. And the evidence that the plane is destroyed by the Russian army did not give the United States, although they do not deny that at this time over the territory were several US reconnaissance satellites, one of which serves to hold the missile launch. Any intelligent person understands that if the United States had evidence against Russia, they would long ago have given them. Namely, failure to provide evidence proving that the United States knows that Boeing was destroyed Ukrainian army.
  5. Similarly, the US refuses to prove the very existence of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. I have many friends war, and none of them received the order to go to Ukraine to fight. Moreover, there are no funerals, which like to tell American and Ukrainian propagandists. At the same time, I have friends who fought in Donetsk, but they fought on their own. Among them, in fact, there are dead. But it is the volunteers.
  6. At the same time Europe demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukraine. At the same time Europe is well aware that this is impossible. It is not possible to withdraw the troops if these troops there.
  7. Ukrainian officials say the huge number of Russian soldiers who are fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk. But it is strange that they can not provide evidence. After all, a large number of military hard to hide. In official documents often indicate the name of military units in the Russian army which does not exist. Often the show of military equipment (supposedly Russian), which in Russia is also no longer than ten years, but it has remained in Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union.
  8. It seems to me a strange policy of Poland, which supports the government of Ukraine. After all, this government has announced national heroes Bandera and Shukhevych, who are guilty of the death of a huge number of Poles.
  9. It seems strange that require implementation by Russia Minsk Agreement. Russia can not fulfill the Minsk Agreement. Russia is not a party to the conflict. Similarly, you can require performance agreements Minsk from Germany and France. All three countries are the only guarantee of performance, not the parties to perform the Agreement.

I want to ask the Europeans: this is the Europe that you like? This is Ukraine, with which you want to be friends? If so, it's good that Russia is now prefers to be friends with China, because I do not think you have to be friends with the cynics.

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