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Did you know that on November 21, 2014, the UN adopted a resolution on combating glorification of Nazism? You might even know that this resolution was adopted on the initiative of Russia?

Do you know what countries were against the adoption of the resolution? Opponents of the resolution were the United States, Canada and Ukraine. European Union countries abstained. However, it would be strange to expect any other reaction from the countries occupied by the United States of America.

Why against this resolution was Ukraine's understandable. After all, the current government of Ukraine is fascist, burned people in Odessa, and killing people in Donetsk and Lugansk. The power bombarding the city with the civilians of rocket launchers.

Why against the resolution were Canada, too it is possible to guess. It is in Canada lives many children and grandchildren of the murderers of the Ukrainian nationalist troops. But why against were the United States of America?

Maybe because America loves a fascist ideology? After all, who but the fascists can say that his country is "exceptional"? And Obama called America exceptional 24 September 2013. It is America that believes that they have the right to bomb other countries. It is America decided to train Ukrainian military, although the government of Ukraine is at war with its own people.

By the way, European Newspapers have fond memories of that Russia allegedly invaded Crimea. Although, actually in Crimea, a referendum was held, after which the Crimea seceded from Ukraine. And only a week later, the Crimea was adopted in Russia. But for some reason European Newspapers do not write about the fact that in the Ukrainian city of Odessa burned alive people. Not European Newspapers write about the fact that Ukraine prohibit the veterans to carry the flag and some medals. European Newspapers are trying to deceive the readers and not specifically written about many things that will not appeal to the residents of their countries.

I think that Europeans should stop trying to preserve our democracy, and think, and do they have this democracy?

When in Ukraine, the Americans forbade the President to use arms against the demonstration, it was a democracy? Or democracy was the fact that the "peaceful" protesters set on fire and beaten with pipes Ukrainian militiamen (policemen)? Then why called democracy and the use of weapons against protesters in America people?

Why the disintegration of Yugoslavia, America says is right, and the separation of Crimea from Ukraine America thinks wrong? But because America was favorable destroyed Yugoslavia, and America needed the Crimea as part of Ukraine, to put the American fleet and threaten Russia.

Why is America constantly said that Russia deployed its army in Ukraine? And why they refuse to prove it? After all, America has the largest number of reconnaissance satellites. Why is America a couple of times gave satellite images, which later turned out to be fake? It is obvious that America simply is no evidence! Because Americans want Russia began fighting in Ukraine, and Russia refuses to fight. Any intelligent person understands that Russia would not demand negotiations and to offer the Minsk agreement, if Ukraine were Russian troops.

America wants to discredit Russia. America really wants Russia was weak. However, Americans do not understand that the Russian people in this situation do not panic, but rather, become more cohesive. While American and European sanctions have provoked the Russians just laugh.

However, the Americans have another habit. They are often brought up in the country they need the government, and then suddenly declare that this government is not democratic and begins bombing the country. So the Ukrainian government should not deceive ourselves. However, as the best friends of America in Europe (Poland and the Baltic States).

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