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Sport ceased to be a sport. Sport has now become policy.
The Russian army destroys the terrorists in Syria. This is not like the United States. If only people were killed, it would not bother the US (how many people they killed in the last 20 years in different countries?). But it is much worse: American money killed in Syria!
And in this situation, America has to be something to do. When do nothing is impossible (due to political impotence), it is necessary to shake the tubes. Russia could forgive another tantrum America, but America has decided to hit the sport.
An unprecedented number of lies has been told by US, British and German media against Russia and Russian athletes.
But, in general, the International Olympic Committee made the right decision. The only thing that put forward more stringent conditions, that is not fair for the Russian athletes.
This decision of the IOC very much hurt the United States. Therefore, in the near future, we can learn that Bach and other IOC members raped another maid at the hotel. Sneaky America can not act honestly.
But Russian problems only get excited, so it is possible prizes Russian athletes in those sports in which they previously did not show good results.

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