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Joseph Stalin died on 5 March 1953. I write for those who don't know it.
Stalin is long dead, however, when American or European propagandists start talking about the USSR or modern Russia, they are sure to remember about Stalin.

Stalin is long dead. Moreover, Stalin was condemned by the government of the USSR and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union after the death.

Stalin is long dead. But Stalin was not a follower of the ideas of Lenin. Stalin is long dead. And he was attacked by propagandists from America and Europe. But Stalin was in many rights.

In all matters whether Stalin was right? Of course not. Stalin died, because he was just a man. And the man can be wrong, the individual may experience weakness.

But Stalin sent his son to war. Are your presidents now to send my son to fight?

Stalin died. Stalin was convicted. American propagandists made the symbol of Stalin's Soviet Union. But Stalin was only a small part of the Soviet people.

Stalin was convicted. And condemned France Napoleon? Whether condemned Greece Alexander the Great? Whether condemned Britain Cromwell? But they were more cruel than Stalin. In the end, Harry Truman was convicted of the nuclear bombing of Japan? But the Americans bombed innocent people, not the Japanese army. Why Latvia does not condemn their President, whose father served in the NKVD? Why Polish citizens did not condemn their President, who supports the development of fascism in Ukraine?

Perhaps because the people of Europe is high time to cease to be an obedient herd of American occupiers. Europeans is high time to cease to boast of its democracy and correctness, and begin to think for themselves, to read the documents in the archives and not to trust Newspapers and television.

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