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I'd love to believe this, but the facts suggest otherwise. Even if you "forget" about the nationalists, beaten and burned alive policemen (who were not allowed to take retaliatory action). On the Independence sounded beautiful slogans (suppose), but that in reality everything happened exactly the opposite.
It would be logical to assume that people will once again take to the streets to demand that the president and the government that they were promised. Yes, people go to the streets. But only a couple of hundred people. Without incendiary ("Molotov cocktails"), as it was on the Maidan. They are small, and they do not beat the police, do not smash buildings and cars, not erect barricades.
What is so striking is the difference? The fact that it is now out on the street people, citizens of, but not paid on the money the US State Department riffraff?
Info: shortly before the "Maidan" The US has been preparing Ukrainian special forces and (at the request of the United States), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has provided the US side of all the methods (tactical schemes) blocking protests, which at that time used the Ukrainian police. Many former employees of militia Ukraine reported that "protesters" were informed and prepared to fight it is with these techniques.

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