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I say in advance: I absolutely indifferent to gays. At least, as long as they do not bother me.
But what irritates me. Officially gays want equality with heterosexuals. But no one opposed. Work, like everyone else, and what and with whom you do at home - it's your own business. But why do they spend the gay parades and revealing kiss in public? Have you ever seen "hits heterosexuals" who paraded his heterosexuality? I've never. Then why gays feel better than others. Indeed, in this case, already it is not about equality.
You have seen in Facebook avatars with "rainbow" color filters? You wonder what your interlocutor sexual orientation? The only thing that indicates such an avatar - an obsessive desire to tell everyone that no one is interested. You often seen in heterosexuals inscription "I - heterosexual"? And I have not seen. Although, in response to the gay obsession, such a system is also beginning to emerge, such as Facebook.
In America and Europe, fired from their jobs heterosexual is not a problem. But many problems can be fired if gay !!! Begin long stories about the intolerance of the authorities, a violation of gay rights, etc. Again they consider themselves better than others?
So if gays want to have the same rights, then let have the same rights. And anyone not interested in the details of their sex life.
But the rainbow has always been a symbol of a happy childhood! And none of it ever gay relationships were not.
Gay couples are not able to have children.
Return the rainbow to children!!
Return the rainbow to children!!!
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#Returntherainbowtochildren #pridetobestraight

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