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Under Russian bombs killed any innocent American money.

America has created a coalition to fight ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)  ... oh, excuse me, to fight with Assad. After all, the United States must decide who will be president of a country in another continent. No need to ask that the people of Syria. This is contrary to the rules of American-style democracy. A ISIS for the US is not terrible. It's a problem of Europe, not the United States.
The United States dropped by parachute weapons to "moderate oppositions." Strange, but these weapons falling into the hands ISIS. US bombing ISIS a year, and the area of ​​influence of ISIS getting bigger. Recently, the United States bombed three excavators and one motorcycle ISIS . US soldiers are preparing for a group of "moderate opposition" and the group immediately moves to the side of ISIS. The United States is preparing a second group, and she goes back to the side of ISIS.
And it was a terrorist war in "moderate" (on the concepts of the United States) grouping cut and ate the heart of the enemy. And all this took a video camera.
But when Russia went to war with ISIS, the US and Britain threw a fit, like a naughty child. Here in the European editions published articles about the victims under Russian bombs civilians ... even before the first Russian planes bombed the enemy.
Russia bombed ISIS only a few days. However, the success of Russia for more than the US for a year. It's a shame for the United States? I think not. Shame on the United States a little scary. US frightened by the fact that they are losing money spent on the training of terrorists.
Do not you think it strange? And I do not think. Everything is quite logical. Because the United States - is the world's greatest terrorist. The US has already acknowledged that the CIA set up and ready, "Al Qaeda" to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan. So why then arrange a farce, fighting the terrorist group under their control?
But the whole world realized how foolish words of Ukraine's Russian army fighting in Ukraine. The Russian army destroyed easily trained and armed by the Americans terrorists. Someone still believes that constantly drunk, armed with old Soviet weapons and has no discipline, the Ukrainian army will become a problem for the Russian army? However, Ukraine itself was so scared that it started to tell the truth. After Putin was allowed to use the Russian army abroad, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Russian assurances that the Russian army will not fight on the territory of Ukraine. But, excuse me, if you believe the statements of Ukraine, the Russian army is already there

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