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Why there is NATO


Let's imagine a hypothetical situation: Russia and the United States are starting a war between themselves.

Near Russia there are several countries. Some of these countries are part of NATO, and some countries are not. Let's think about what will happen next with these countries in case of war.

First, let's talk about countries that are not part of NATO.

The country has the right to allow Russian troops to pass through its territory, to allow flights of Russian aviation over its territory, or to prohibit it from doing so. If a country is ready to let troops through its territory, then this country has nothing to worry about. If the country refuses to allow the transit of troops, then either the diplomatic staff will talk, or Russia will find another transit for its troops, or the country will have to enter the war. In these cases, everything is simple and understandable.
NATO Russia 01Now consider the option of the country that is part of NATO and this country very much hopes that the US will protect it. Any reasonable person understands that the US does not plan to protect other countries. Naturally, Russia will be forced to attack this country, since NATO's military bases, NATO rockets and other NATO weapons are on the territory of this country. Thus, Russia will be forced to spend money, time, missiles, shells. Some of the Russian soldiers will be killed and wounded. At this time, the US will increase its strength to protect its territory. This is the first benefit of the US from the existence of NATO. Americans are very bad warriors. Americans are good at trading. They are able to sell even a low-quality product and get a lot of money for it. Most of this money the US received by selling its weapons to NATO's "allies". This is the second US benefit from the existence of NATO. America wants to sell its expensive (very expensive) and often not very high-quality weapons (in the United States, the profession of a doctor and lawyer is very popular, and young people do not really want to become developers). In the end, by the time that countries that yesterday had hoped that NATO existed to protect them, would in fact be destroyed, the US would be ready to wage war with a slightly weakened Russia.

The meaning of this article is simple: countries that are members of NATO themselves are signing a death sentence. These countries report to the whole world: "We are ready to die so that the US will be alive." Fortunately, there will never be a war between the US and Russia. Because Russia never starts wars first, and the US this war is not profitable. It is much more profitable to tell the whole world about the "terrible Russia" and sell these expensive and stupid weapons to these frightened countries.
anпry russia
And, of course, reading this article now, you continue to believe that Russia is very terrible and dreams of occupying your country. That is why you support the decision of your government to increase the military budget and buy more American weapons. I do not want to persuade you. I will answer you simply: if Russia wanted to capture your country, it would have done so long ago. And the United States would keep silent. Of course, they would impose sanctions, but they would never risk interceding for another country. And let your country continue to be friends with the US, as Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan (which the US supported in the war against the USSR) were once friends with the United States.

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